Dr. Brittany Hines, D.C.

Dr. Brittany Hines, D.C. started working in chiropractic in 2002, in Waco, Texas, while going to college part-time. She knew nothing about chiropractic and thought it was a luxury, like massage, that most people couldn’t afford.
As she continued working there, she saw all of the amazing results and healing that took place, and she wondered why no one had told her or her family about chiropractic. A move to Denton, Texas would take her out of chiropractic and into administration for a home health agency. She then realized that she missed the patient interaction and was passionate about helping people get healthier, through chiropractic care, instead of working in the sick-care system.

She moved to Austin, Texas, where she met her mentor, Dr. Michael Kapsner, D.C., whom she worked with for 3 years. He helped her become a Certified Chiropractic Assistant and encouraged her to pursue her doctorate. Coincidentally, one of the most prestigious chiropractic schools in the country, Parker University, was in Dallas, where she grew up and where most of her family still resides.

She completed her BS in Anatomy, her BS in Health and Wellness and her Doctorate in Chiropractic at Parker University. She has a passion for spinal correction, which she learned from another mentor, Dr. Kelly Cato-Hernandez, D.C., during her internship at the CLEAR Scoliosis Institute. She also has a passion for teaching people how to be as healthy as possible through taking care of the nervous system, getting proper nutrition, exercise, and detoxification.

Dr. Hines has a passion for helping people achieve their goals so that they can truly serve their purpose in life, just as she is able to do on a daily basis at Ahead of the Curve Chiropractic.

Dr. Thy Brown, D.C.

Dr. Thy Brown, D.C recently moved back to Dallas, TX from Duncan, OK. She joined her sister in their Oklahoma practice after Chiropractic school, but was ready to come back home after 10 years. She grew up in a close-knit family, and is the youngest of 7. Her hobbies are eating, traveling, and playing with her golden retriever, Biscuit.

Dr. Thy received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Parker University in December of 2011. She also had the opportunity to intern at CLEAR Scoliosis with Dr. Brittany Hines, under Dr. Kelly Cato-Hernandez, to learn and love spinal corrective care. Her passion is changing and optimizing peoples’ lives through chiropractic care, naturally and holistically. With her expert knowledge and very thorough work, it shows that she genuinely loves and cares about her patients! She is excited and humbled to have the opportunity in educating and caring for her hometown people of Dallas and surrounding areas.