“I had constant discomfort and pain in my neck that occurred while in service.  During a training exercise, I fell approximately 5 feet onto the back of my head in Feb. of 2005.  I started having headaches 3 months after the accident and had one every day after.  The pain was unbearable!!  I took prescribed medications, over the counter drugs, and was even sent through the VA to a Neurologist- which was a complete waste of time.  I was having trouble concentrating.  I didn’t want to surround myself with lots of noise, so I was annoyed easily, I was afraid to be angry at something because my head would start hurting instantly, exercising came to a halt, and I was beyond STRESSED!  I walked by the office and felt like I needed to go in, that it was a place where I could actually get help.  The first day that I woke up without a headache, I couldn’t believe it!  My sleep is much better, I feel like my head has been relieved of stress, my back isn’t hurting as before, and I feel like I can do more without worrying.  I would describe Dr. Hines as knowledgeable, smart, caring…a people’s person!!  She always has a smile on her face!!  I would definitely recommend anyone to Dr. Hines.”


“My midback starting hurting one day, unexplainably, 3 months ago.  Most likely, it was from a tumbling incident and poor posture in general.  It hurt really bad to twist to look over my shoulder, and occassionally when breathing.  Of course, I tried muscle relaxers, ibuprofen, exercise, stretching, mobilizing, and accupuncture.  For the most part, none of it helped because my spine was out of alignment and had been for years!  I also went to a different chiropractor and he was NOTHING like Dr. Hines.  I am SO HAPPY I found her!  The pain definitely made me depressed because I could not do my normal CrossFit workouts, and it also affected me at work because I’m a Physical Therapy Assistant and transferring patients, bending over and such hurt.  I was referred by my roommate and I’ve had great results.  My posture is better, I feel better mentally and my workouts are amazing now.  I have no more pain (for the most part- unless I’m sore from CrossFit).  I’m not keen on most chiropractors, but Dr. Hines is very knowledgeable and not just here to manipulate your back, but to give you knowledge on how to fix it and keep it from happening in the future.  She is AMAZING!!”

-Calren M., DALLAS, TX

“I had a reversal in my neck, continuous lower back pain and catches in my hips.  I had pain in my left shoulder frequently and my spine was beginning to ache, as well as my neck.  My pain in each area was the worst at the time I came to Ahead of the Curve.  My upper pain had been happening for 6 years and lower pain since childhood!  I tried stretches in all areas, massages, as well as muscle strengthening with Pilates.  The pain I was having was impacting my level of comfort and functioning as a 1st grade teacher.  I am on my feet all day and it was becoming very difficult to make it to the end of the day.  It affected how long I could stand or sit ANYWHERE.  I was referred by Dr. Hines’ sister and have had wonderful results!  I am able to stand all day and sit for long periods of time without hardly any discomfort and I am not in pain at the end of the day.  My posture is straighter and I am able to walk without pain as well.  Chiropractic has improved my daily life significantly for the better!  I knew very little about chiropractic and thought it was just additional medical expenses, but Dr. Hines has been very straightforward, positive, and practical in her treatment with me.  Also very personal, which makes me want to return each week. 🙂  Chiropractic has also helped me heal quickly from respiratory sickness and strep throat.  Dr. Hines’ suggestions and treatment for these was so helpful!”

-Laura W., DALLAS, TX

“I have had allergy problems for at least 10 years or more, on and off, depending on the season.  Some days are just a little sneezing, but others are much worse.  I’ve tried Benedryl and also honey from local farms.  The honey works great, but if you get out of the habit of eating it, then it takes a while to kick back in. On the day I saw Dr. Hines and she adjusted my sinuses, my allergies were so bad that working as a waitress would have been very hard.  Gratefully, if was my day off, and the relief came quickly!  I heard about Dr. Hines from my friend, Cynthia! 🙂  Chiropractic has enhanced my life significcantly in spinal health, which I had expected, but also in my sinuses.  I had not expected such immediate results with the allergies I was sufferring.  Within hours, my body had purges the drainage (make sure to have some Kleenex) and was back to better than new! 🙂  I would suggest seeing Dr. Hines for sure, and don’t be afraid of mentioning anything you are dealing with, you will not be disappointed.”

-Randy K., DALLAS, TX

“I had horrible back pain and neck pain that would lead to migraine headaches almost every day.  It started about a year ago and lasted until I started treatment 6 months ago.  I was also having bad knee pain.  I didn’t know what was causing the pain until I started seeing Dr. Hines.  When it was at its worst it felt like someone was twisting a knife into my back that would shoot pain all the way up to my neck and cause migraines that would make it hard to function and work as a NURSE.  I had tried physical therapy a long time ago for my knee that helped a little.  I was having to take Motrin or Alleve almost every day if I wanted to be able to function, but that would never take away the pain all the way.  I was having a hard time being able to give 100% at work because my head would be pounding.  I had to miss some social hangouts with friends because the pain was so uncomfortable, all I wanted to do was sleep.  I wasn’t able to run far or enjoy it.  My friend, Tiffany told me about her, and I love my results!  My pain is completely gone!  I am able to run (even train for a half marathon) and enjoy it!!! I sleep better, have more energy, and don’t have to take pain meds all the time.  The home exercises and kit is really helpful.  Whenenver I start to fel like any pain might be trying to come back, the home exercises help stop it and are helping with the maintenance of my results!  Dr. Hines is great!  She really cares about you as a person, and helps ensure you are getting the results you want/need.  She is so thoughtful- she sent me a card for nurse’s week.”

-Crystalyn T., DALLAS, TX

I had degeneration and herniated discs in my neck and lower back that were causing numbness in my feet and hands, due to a car wreck I was in 5 years ago. I had always believed that everyone should see a Chiropractor, but I quit going for a year…BIG MISTAKE!! I became very tired, achy and could hardly move. It was so painful that I could not sleep at night. My daughter referred me to her chiropractor, Dr. Hines, so I drove in from 4 hours away to see her. I feel A LOT better; my arm is no
I had neck and back pain that began in 1988 and had been chronic and increasing ever since. The cause seems to be repetitive motion, exacerbated by whiplash from a car accident. At its worst, my neck was immobile and I would be unable to walk. I had used analgesics, creams, prescription NSAIDS, Physical Therapy, and the occasional Chiropractic Visit. When I suffered, everybody suffered. There were times I missed my kids’ activities because of pain, and I was not able to be as active with the
Alison M., DALLAS, TX
I had a serious posture problem. I “leaned” or “listed” to my right so much so that people were commenting on it and asking me about it. Also, I could not keep a purse on my right shoulder. It always just slipped off. I went to Curves exercise program for 6 years, but there was no improvement. I felt very much like an older, sagging woman. I changed to Lady of America gym and they referred me to Dr. Hines. I was listing 7.4 degrees when I came in. After all the exercises, weight lifting 
Shaeron M.
My neck was giving me problems. I received trauma as a teenager (fell off the hood of our car and landed on the back of my neck). The last two years the back of my neck would become numb. It was very uncomfortable and scary. It became a daily occurance. I never did anything medically, just exercises and stretched, with minimal relief. I believe it would have become worse and my love of gardening would have been traded for something less active, if my daughter, Cherise, hadn’t recommended h
Gloria B., DALLAS, TX
I came to Dr. Hines with misc. aches and pains: back pain (lower and mid), and pain in my left knee. At its worst, I had to stop my workouts due to not being able to handle the pain. I mostly tried OTC pain killers, prescription pain killers, and even bought a new mattress. I could not stand to get through my workouts anymore. I came home every day from work and layed around, unable to do much because of the pain. A friend from church told me about Ahead of the Curve Chiropractic, and I have
Christina B., DALLAS, TX